written by Yves Brault
Dorrance Publishing Company, 116 pages, $16.00

Behind The Scenes details author Yves Brault’s two-year odyssey and connection with Benny Hinn and his World Outreach Center in Orlando, Fla. Because of the small print, there is much more in this clothbound book than one would think at first glance. In many ways it is a very sad, disturbing and distressing story of spiritual abuse.

First off, it is a behind-the-scenes peek into the life of a wealthy, forceful and corrupt religious power broker who cares little for people. Brault describes Hinn’s “power shopping” (twelve ties retailing $200 each) at the exclusive Baylerian’s in Dallas and his treatment and verbal abuse of people in his own congregation (pg. 43).

Brault shows from his own experience how the gullible are strung along and victimized.

Brault also introduces readers to Hinn’s younger brothers Chris and Henry; church staffers Nancy Pritchard, Sheryl Palmquist, Gene Polino; and several bodyguards and other insiders. You will see them in a different light than that presented on Hinn’s telecasts and in his books and magazines.

Brault also deals with other well-known “healers,” charismatic superstars and “prophets.” This book will jolt the naive and confirm the ongoing research of the discernment ministries.

There are detailed and documented comparisons between modern-day healing phenomena and manifestations and what Franz Mesmer produced through suggestion and hypnotism.

This reviewer sadly must agree with Brault when he says: “It is deplorable that the only way you can reach and touch those fake faith healers is if you expose them publicly with proof and evidence that will reveal their true face” (pp. 111-112).



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