Contacting Personal Freedom Outreach

     Personal Freedom Outreach is able to supply a variety of printed and audio-visual resources to help the Christian respond to many of the threats that face American culture today. Visit the “PFO Ministry Resources” section of our website for a listing of the available materials. You will also find on our website a complete index to over 1,000 articles, editorials, news update items, and book reviews which have appeared in our quarterly newsletter publication since its inception in 1981. This index is located in “The Quarterly Journal” category on our website.

PFO can be contacted at:

Personal Freedom Outreach
P.O. Box 26062
Saint Louis, MO 63136-0062

(314) 921-9800

     For prompt delivery of witnessing tracts, books or other resource materials, please send your order to the above address, or phone the above number.


Why We Don’t Accept E-mail

In today’s high-tech world, not accepting e-mail may be seen as unorthodox. However, we choose to refrain from an informal, impetuous, respond-on-demand format. This style is foreign to the preference and practice of Personal Freedom Outreach.

PFO’s desire is to reply with accurate, specific, personal, and effectively written responses. With many issues and concerns, it takes time to research, investigate, and create a straightforward response. We promise to respond to each letter we receive which is signed and has a valid return address. Any correspondence sent to PFO anonymously is not read and immediately discarded.