by Dennis McCallum
Bethany House Publishers, 288 pages, $10.99

This look at the postmodern world view is a book no student of cults or times should pass up. The author, Dennis McCallum, dissects postmodernism and shows its infectious and insidious impact on health care, literature, education, history, psychotherapy, law, science and religion. McCallum deals with technical subjects in nontechnical language.

He describes postmodernism on page 12: “Postmodernism isn’t a distinct set of doctrines or truth claims. It’s a mood — a view of the world characterized by a deep distrust of reason, not to mention a disdain for the knowledge Christians believe the Bible provides. It’s a methodology — a completely new way of analyzing ideas. For all its diverse ideas and advocates, postmodernism is also a movement — a fresh onslaught on truth that brings a more or less cohesive approach to literature, history, politics, education, law, sociology, linguistics, and virtually every other discipline, including science. And it is ushering in a cultural metamorphosis — transforming every area of everyday life as it spreads through education, movies, television, and other media.”

Postmodernism is the underlying reason our culture is susceptible to New Age teachings, experience-driven churches and televangelistic scammers. In a society with churches and professing Christians forsaking reason and the Scriptures, this volume makes an attempt to equip us to know what to do and how to do it.



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