Getting Out and Getting On

Dealing with the Grief Process
Experienced in Exiting a Cult

When a person gives his life to a cult, that individual gives himself or herself to an illusion, a delusion, perhaps for years.  They stake their eternity on the group and its teachings.  However, when they attempt to break free, there can be a painful and even excruciating awareness of major losses.  Major grief may set in and that person has to begin the long hard process of dealing with that grief. The old spiritual says: “It’s not an easy road.” At times we may feel that is an understatement.  Think about what has been lost in the years of cult involvement and investment.  In some cases:

• The loss of years of time.
• The loss of family and friends.
• The loss of large amounts of money.

Loss, loss, loss.  In other cases:

• The loss of morality.
• The loss of children.
• The loss of a spouse.

More loss.  And in other cases:

• An entire family lost with the agony of “we helped mislead them” and feeling totally ashamed for being so stupid or so ignorant.

And finally, in extreme cases:

• The loss of an identity surrendered to the organization.
• The loss of an entire lifetime.
• The loss of a social life and social skills.
• The loss of an education and now no job skills.
• The loss of a desire to ever trust again.
• The loss of all hope.

But there is hope and there is help.  We would love to send to you, free of charge and without obligation, a CD by Pastor G. Richard Fisher entitled, “Getting Out and Getting On.”  This 58-minute message will help you, with the aid of God’s Word, to process through the life-shattering sorrow called grief that you are now experiencing.  Call or write today, requesting this free CD.  Also, when contacting us, please let us know from which group you are making your exodus so that we may suggest or provide other helpful resources.

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