For more than a decade, faith healer Benny Hinn has been dogged by investigations by Inside Edition, 60 Minutes (Australia), Dateline, HBO, and others. Now you can see what Hinn doesn’t want his flock to know.

The Many Faces
of Benny Hinn,
Version 3.0
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For many years, the folks at the Trinity Foundation (publishers of The Door Magazine) have picked up the debris of wrecked lives of people who have been financially, emotionally, and spiritually abused by televangelists. Atop their list of abusers during the past decade has been faith healer Benny Hinn. This Dallas-based watchdog group has worked with news organizations to expose the corruption of various television ministers, including Hinn.

Many of these investigative reports on Hinn — spearheaded by the Trinity Foundation — make up the bulk of this DVD set. They show Hinn at his worst, including his power-wielding control, opulent lifestyle, bogus healings, lies and deception, heretical theology, and much more. A single report should make anyone question the integrity of this man; viewing several hours of investigations should leave no doubt.

The presentation also includes segments from Hinn’s broadcasts that have not been shown in news reports. These include his stage antics, absurd theological statements, and false prophecies. Hinn’s wife Suzanne’s infamous “Holy Ghost enema” diatribe is also included.

The discs’ interactive menu enhances use and study of the reports. Users can locate and view specific segments at the touch of the DVD player’s remote control. All of the material has been digitally remastered, providing the highest quality of video images.

Reading Hinn’s statements in a book like
The Confusing World of Benny Hinn causes alarm. Seeing him in “living color” making these statements — in his arrogant and conceited temperament — brings that emotion to another level. The Many Faces of Benny Hinn, Version 3.0 is one of the best resources to expose the false, self-serving ministry of today’s most popular faith healer.

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