China is a country where reports of the supernatural and unearthly are normally suppressed by the communist leadership. However, in the recent past few months, “China is buzzing with a rising number of UFO sightings,” according to an Associated Press news story. In December, people from more than a dozen cities reported UFO sightings. In Pusalu, a poor farm community 30 miles from Beijing, villagers said they saw a person-size object, bathed in golden light and slowly moving skyward.

“Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and, with others, it’s unclear,” said Shen Shituan, the honorary director of the China UFO Research Association. Shituan is also president of Beijing Aerospace University and a rocket scientist. His UFO research association claims a membership of 50,000.

UFO watching, interest and research continues to grow in China. A bimonthly magazine about UFO sightings has a circulation of 400,000. While the state-run media service also has acknowledged UFO sightings, a representative for the Communist Party said, “Some say it was caused by an earthquake. Some say it was a UFO. Some say it was a ray of Buddha. I’m telling everyone to call it an auspicious sign.”

Others offer added skepticism. Geremie Barme, a Chinese culture watcher from the Australia National University suggested, “All of that sort of millennial fear and trepidation fits in so nicely with Chinese cosmology — and also the Hollywood propaganda that everybody’s been lapping up.”



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